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DNS flood DDoS attack hits video gaming site

A DNS Flood distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack hit a video gaming company's website, with traffic peaking at a whopping 110 gigabytes per second, a hacker news site reported this week.
The Hacker News quoted US-based security solutions company Incapsula as saying most of the attacking IP addresses belong to China and India.
“Good reason to think many are spoofed.” Incapsula told The Hacker News.
However, THN said Incapsula did not name the targeted site.
It said the DNS flood attack is different and more responsive from the previously most commonly used DNS amplification attack.
THN said it has so far seen DNS Flood DDoS attacks of 50 to 60Gbps "but reaching above 110Gbps seems that hackers are making their comeback in really a very big way."
"As we all have seen that DDoS trend is changing and to perform massive DDoS attacks, hacker are using every tantrum by leveraging the weakness of system applications to compromise them in order to boost the size of their botnet network," it said. — Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News