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Watch how 'ancient' typewriter amazes kids who've never seen one before

It's ancient, it's scary, it's loud, and ... it's awesome!
These were among the reactions of children born after 2000 after being introduced to the venerable old typewriter.
A YouTube post by TheFineBros showed children aged 6 to 13—a generation more used to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers—being intrigued by the humble, mechanical, low-tech typewriter.
"Why is it... oh my God," said Lucas, 6, while examining the contraption.
When asked what a typewriter is, Elle, 12, said: "it's a computer, not totally a computer."
"It types and it prints at the same time," said Dylan, 13.
Replying to the question on what they would do if they type something wrong, one said: "please tell me there's a copy and paste button."
But once they were shown how to load paper and type away, Lucas said: "that's so awesome," though the other children described it as "scary" and "loud."
Still, another said at least the typewriter "(doesn't) waste electricity."
"Safe to say that there are some who have never seen a typewriter before which makes for some pretty hilarious comments," said an article on — Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News