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LOOK: Superman gets new powers, costume


If there was any hero out there who looks like he didn’t need a boost to his power set, one that comes to mind almost immediately is Superman. The Man Of Steel already has a wide array of abilities that can literally pulverize anyone who stands in his way, so he’s the least likely person to get an upgrade anytime soon.
Well DC Comics and current Superman creative talents Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. thought otherwise, and decided to give Clark Kent/ Kal-El a “new destructive power” that compliments a new redesign to his costume, and that new move is called “Super Flare”.
In a report on Newsarama, the new super power that Kal-El demonstrates has The Last Son Of Krypton emitting a “powerful sun-like aura” around his body, which presumably will burn and scorch anything that is near Superman within a certain given radius. This new ability was revealed in the pages of Superman #38.
Also appearing in the issue will be a new redesign to Superman’s “New 52” costume. Elements of the character’s classic attire before the 2011 DC Comics relaunch will be reintegrated, such as the collar and boot designs. However, a new belt square belt buckle will be added that’s reminiscent of the new redesign for Henry Cavill’s Superman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”, as well as fingerless gloves that will be a first for the character’s comic incarnation.
DC Comics also took the time to release an official chart detailing the various powers Superman has earned and gained through the decades.
And in another SPOILER twist, Superman reveals his new redesigned costume and identity to a supporting character that no one expected to share his secret with.  — TJD, GMA News