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Smart allows purchases from Apple iTunes, App Store using load

Apple users on the Smart network can now purchase apps, music, and more from the App Store and iTunes even if they don’t own a credit card.
With its new "Pay-With-Mobile" service, any purchases the consumer makes will simply be deducted from their prepaid load or charged on top of their postpaid bill.
Users can register by texting REG to 4949. They’ll receive an account number and other account details which amounts to a “virtual credit card.” Users can then go to Apple ID Account Settings on iTunes or the App Store, select “MasterCard” as their payment option, and input the necessary information.
For every successful transaction, users will receive a notification. A 15% premium—encompassing the VAT, payment charges, and other fees—will be added per purchase. Apple will handle the after-sales support, which includes refunding. The 15% premium is included in the refund.
The virtual credit card will expire in a set number of years and can’t be used for any other transaction. For temporary deactivation, the user can text STOP to 4949.
The service roll-out is on February 16 and it will be fully available for all customers by February 18. For more information, you can visit the official Smart site. — Bea Montenegro/JST, GMA News