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LIST: Philippines ranks 21st of 22 Asian countries in Internet download speed

The Philippines has the second slowest average download speed among 22 Asian countries, according to a study on consumer Internet speeds as of May 2015.

In its household download index, Internet metrics provider Ookla found that the Philippines averaged a speed of just 3.64 megabits per second (Mbps), which ranked 176th out of 202 countries worldwide.

Globally, the average broadband download speed is 23.3 Mbps, nearly eight times faster than the Philippines.

Only one Asian country, war-torn Afghanistan, had slower speeds compared to the Philippines.

1. Singapore: 122.43 Mbps
2. Hong Kong: 102.96 Mbps
3. Japan: 82.12 Mbps
4. South Korea: 59.77 Mbps
5. Macau: 50.66 Mbps
6. Taiwan: 50.59 Mbps
7. Thailand: 19.82 Mbps
8. Mongolia: 17.92 Mbps
9. Vietnam: 17.70 Mbps
10. Bangladesh: 9.86 Mbps
11. Cambodia: 9.04 Mbps
12. Nepal: 8.63 Mbps
13. Brunei: 7.99 Mbps
14. Bhutan: 7.82 Mbps
15. India: 7.04 Mbps
16. Malaysia: 7.03 Mbps
17. Laos: 6.92 Mbps
18. Indonesia: 6.68 Mbps
19. Myanmar: 6.54 Mbps
20. Pakistan: 4.00 Mbps
21. Philippines: 3.64 Mbps
22. Afghanistan: 2.52 Mbps

Ookla collated the data from speed tests on its website, gathering the results from April 18 to May 17.

Most expensive

Despite the slow download speeds, the Philippines also has some of the most expensive Internet connections in the world.

The study showed that Philippine Internet users spend $18.19 per Mbps, compared to an average of $5.21 per Mbps worldwide. This put the Philippines at 161st of 202 countries.

Last year, the Senate opened up a probe to look into the quality of Internet services in the country. -- JST, GMA News