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Netizens report: Malacañang torrenting copy of leaked Comelec data?

The pandora's box that was the Comelec data breach has now proven itself to be a veritable hydra of a problem that just won't die.

The data files is available through peer-to-peer networks for anyone to download.

Netizens, meanwhile, took note of a curious web address trying to download the data:



Torrents are "peer-to-peer" file sharing systems that allow users to download files from the computers of other users on the same system.

The government has belatedly come down hard on the perpetrators of the breach, almost a full month after it happened.

Torrent users are quick to note that, once a file has been downloaded, the torrent software can make the file available for seeding to other computers.

"I personally think that it was an honest mistake on the part of the Malacanang IT staff that seeded the torrent, but that naivete reflects the attitude of Filipinos towards digital property, treating the data leak like any other movie or TV series that they download illegally," said IT professional Jon Limjap of ProtectPinas, a non-government group formed to help the public cope with the security issues raised in the wake of the Comelec data leak.

"Either way, it points to very poor IT resource management on Malacañang's part," added Atty. Francis Acero of public cybersecurity watchdog

Sought for Malacañang's comment, Presidential Communications Operations Office head Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the matter is already being investigated.

"This matter is being looked into as part of continuing efforts to improve IT security protocols," Coloma told GMA News Online.

In a statement, Malacañang condemned what it called "the latest cyber-attack on the (Comelec) website."

"Although verifications that have been made thus far have shown that the integrity of the automated election system has not been affected by the latest cyber-attack," Coloma said.

"We share the public's concern on the ill-effects of this act. Government is determined to ensure that similar acts will not be repeated in the future and that the perpetrators will be prosecuted in accordance with law," he added. —JST/NB, GMA News