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High School of the Dead creator passes away

Fans of the Japanese Manga series “High School of the Dead” are left with some devastating news, as Anime News Network reports that creator and manga artist Daisuke Sato has passed away due to heart disease at the age of 52.  

Also known for his other manga work in “Imprerial Guards”, Sato created “High School of the Dead” along with artist Shoji Sato in September 2006 when it began serialization in Monthly Dragon Age magazine. It ran between then and May 2013, but was put in extended hiatus and is left unfinished due to the manga author’s passing.

Set in present day Japan, High School of the Dead follows a group of High School students as they deal with the zombie apocalypse that has left civilization a shadow of its former self. With bitten victims and the dead slowly rising up as zombies, the student group fights to survive and deal with society collapsing around them.

As they continue their journey from their school to a police station, shopping mall, and eventually an elementary school that is supposedly a safe haven, the group’s morals shift and get tested as they struggle to adapt to the ramifications of the “Outbreak” that has changed them and the world around them.

Also adapted into a 12 episode anime series produced by Madhouse and running from July to September 2010, High School of the Dead is one of the most recognizable modern day anime properties that has developed a fanbase and following.

Only covering the first four volumes of the original manga story, the anime was well received and was brought to western audiences by Sentai Filmworks for simulcast in the Anime Network. Some parts were censored due to graphic content, but eventually the full series made it to Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital media as well. An original OVA called “Drifters of the Dead” as also released in April 2011 on Blu-Ray with a limited edition release of the seventh volume of the manga. — TJD, GMA News