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Bill filed to keep kids under 13 years old off Facebook, Twitter

A measure has been filed at the House of Representatives restricting children under 13 years old from accessing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter amid the "pervasive-driven digital marketing system" targeting them.

In House 5307, Deputy Speaker Danilo Fernandez wants social media companies to "strengthen its features restricting users under 13 years of age" and prohibit them from collecting personal and location information from these individuals without parental consent.

The measure also seeks to limit the users' time on these platforms across all devices to 30 minutes a day.

In filing the measure, Fernandez expressed alarm that children's moves online are being monitored on social media, and that they are bombardment with advertisements when they access the internet to their homework and connect with friends.

"This demonstrates that in the digital age of the internet, social media corporations create a global footprint that easily influences our modern conceptions of choice, leisure and reality. Children and teens are at the epicenter of a pervasive-driven digital marketing system that is woven into the very fabric of their lives," he said.

"Hence, there is a need to pass a legislation that puts children's well-being on the top priority. If anything, children deserve a strong and effective protections online," he added.

Aside from protecting children's privacy online, Fernandez said his bill also "champions consumer protection."

The measure also mandates social media companies to provide efficient notification mechanisms on the parents of the children and include "natural stopping points" for the users, wherein social media platforms will stop scrolling after reaching a certain amount of content. —NB, GMA News