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This Makati teenager organized a game development workshop to encourage interest in STEM

A teenager from Makati City organized a game development workshop to encourage more interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among his peers.

Dubbed "Scope for Change," the project aims to use esports to expose the youth to computer programming and the STEM fields as possible careers for them in the future.

According to founder Kyler Sy, his own passion for games led him to become more interested in technology and he wanted to share his experience with other students and their parents.

"I started Scope for Change last year when I turned 15 years old after I saw how the pandemic affected many people economically, socially and even psychologically," Kyler said.

"I believe the STEM field is a valuable path for students to pursue as the age of digitalization brings ever evolving technologies that are permanently changing the society we live in," he added.

Over 120 participants from various Makati district schools attended the tutorials held in August and joined the four-week game development competition. Three teams won cash prizes for developing "Makati-themed" games.

Team Sadako bagged the first prize of P30,000 for their own version of the infinite jumper game "Chibibi Dodge," where players must dodge viruses and collect hand sanitizers, face masks, and vaccines in the backdrop of Makati skyscrapers.

Maksci Gaming claimed the second prize of P20,000 for "Agawan Base," a game similar to Monopoly featuring various Makati properties and landmarks, while Team Sturdy New Gen took home the third prize of P10,000 for an endless running game titled "Juan's Adventure" featuring a kid from Makati.

A Mobile Legends tournament was held to conclude the workshop and Team Makatizens conquered all teams to win the P20,000 grand prize. Team Sadako and Team Renaissance landed on the second and third spot.

"Literacy in technology is the new credential for future success," Kyler said. "Despite video games being distracting at times, it can also prove to be a valuable catalyst in learning practical STEM-related skills when indulged in moderation."

The initiative was made in partnership with the local government and the Department of Education.

—MGP, GMA News