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True-to-life 3D and interactive holograms are now a reality

"True" 3D and interactive holograms are now a reality, thanks to American company Light Field Lab, Inc.

This technology is possible because of Solid Light Surface technology, which has 10 billion pixels per square meter.

"At the core of Light Field Lab's SolidLight technology is the nanoparticle polymer energy surface that forms the emissive SolidLight panel," said Light Field Lab CEO Jon Karafin.

"This allows us to convert pixels into wavefronts that can control and focus light with real-time interactive software," he added.

With this, even larger-than-life holograms of sea creatures or dinosaurs coming at you are definitely possible.

Solid Light Surface can also be placed anywhere to project a hologram—from the floor to a table top to the wall to the ceiling. That's what sets it apart from a 2D hologram, too, which can only be projected on a transparent screen.

According to Light Field Lab, their 3D and interactive holograms can be used for learning or fun.

—Kimberly Tsao/MGP, GMA Integrated News

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