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HBD Girl Patricia edges Yaya Dub in #BulagaPaMore

It was a close fight, but someone had to win.

HBD Girl Patricia was declared the winner of Wednesday's #BulagaPaMore contest, edging out Yaya Dub with 52.21 percent of the judges' votes.

According to Eat Bulaga host Joey De Leon, only six votes proved to be the difference between the two talented ladies.

HBD Girl Patricia - model and beauty queen Patricia Tumulak in real life - wowed audiences with aerial moves in her dance number.


HBD Girl Patricia (Kakaibang Bida/Kahit Sino Pwede) #BulagaPaMore #DabarkadsPaMore #EB36

Posted by Eat Bulaga on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yaya Dub, meanwhile, had a princess-inspired performance that had the audience in stitches.


Yaya Dub (Fatalbugan/FHHM) #BulagaPaMore #DabarkadsPaMore #EB36

Posted by Eat Bulaga on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Online, fans were quick to congratulate HBD Girl Patricia for her win.

Some, though, were quick to wonder: does this mean Yaya Dub won't have another chance to return to Broadway to finally meet Alden?

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