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Shamaine Buencamino opens up about 'psychological autopsy' of daughter Julia

Last July, the showbiz world was rocked over the death of teen actress Julia Buencamino.
The daughter of renowned thespians Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino died of an apparent suicide, leaving her family in shock.
On Friday, Shamaine broke her silence about the incident, revealing that her family was undergoing "psychological autopsy" sessions.

Understanding Julia.Yesterday we had our first psychological autopsy session with a psychiatrist. And we learned that...

Posted by Shamaine Centenera Buencamino on Thursday, October 22, 2015
"And we learned that Julia had both high IQ and EQ. That's why she was able to hide what she was going through for three years. That's why the illness is called an 'invisible war,'" Shamaine wrote on her Facebook account.
The session also revealed the pain that Julie had gone through before her death.
"She suffered so much but being young, she didn't want to be perceived as 'broken' and she thought she could cope on her own. She saved three of her friends from taking their lives but she couldn't save herself," Shamaine said, adding that she was making her post public to encourage otheres who may be undergoing the same thing to seek help.
"I am posting this to encourage her friends, specially the teenagers, please ask for help. Ask for help from your parents! We can not read your minds. But know that as parents we will do everything in our capacity to help and we won't love you less. It is not just teenage angst!" —JST, GMA News