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Megan Young fangirls over Vilma Santos

Megan Young, we would've done the same.

On Instagram, the Kapuso celebrity shared how she fangirled over Vilma Santos.

"While working on a new campaign, I found out that Ate Vi, Ms Vilma Santos, THE Star For All Seasons was in the studio next to ours," the beauty queen began.

“I shyly asked the staff (hehe joke lang, kinapalan ko na mukha ko) of their shoot if I may have a picture with her,” Megan narrates. "Right after her shoot was done, I ran to her studio to have a picture with her.”



“Thanks for being so sweet Ate Vi!” Megan added, before using the hashtags #STarstruckAkez and #Kilig

We totally get you, girl. — LA, GMA News