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Mikael Daez teases he is ready for fatherhood after posting photo with newborn niece

Is Mikael Daez hinting that he's all set and ready for fatherhood?

On Instagram, Mikael posted a photo of himself with Megan while a newborn baby laid on his chest, looking like it's an actual family photo.

"Surpriiiiise!!!?We have an ecq baby....? A baby niece that is! it’s our family’s first baby girl," Mikael wrote in the caption of his post.

He hilariously used the hashtags "#WagAssumingPo #TanongNyoSiBonezKungKelanNa #ImAlwaysReady."

In the comments section, fans and followers thought the couple also secretly had a baby, getting them excited to see their future family.

Megan and Mikael are known to be good secret keepers.

The two shocked the world last January when they announced that they were already married days after the intimate ceremony happened. They also hid the fact that they have been engaged since 2014. —Jannielyn Bigtas/MGP, GMA News