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Rica Peralejo opens up about sexy star past, explains why she had her breast implants removed

Rica Peralejo answered some deeply personal fan questions and assumptions about her in a YouTube vlog she posted last February 18.

One of the topics she discussed was her past as a "sexy star" and the real reason why she decided to go down that path.

“Like many things in my life, I really don't make decisions. What I mean about that is parang nagfo-flow in and out of things lang ako," Rica said.

There came a point in her career when she was told that she needed to "change her image for her to be able "survive."

"One way that they saw this happening was if I took on more mature roles," Rica said.

"That means I really bared some parts of my body and did some really horrifying, not-so-proud-of things on screen just so we can give something to our producers for a movie," she added.

The actress opened up going through breast augmentation at 18, and why she decided to have them removed later on.

"Yes! When I was 18, nagpalagay ako ng boobs," Rica admitted.

"There was a question on my Instagram account asking me, 'Did you have a breast reduction?' And then I said, 'Yes'... Because that's true, I had my breasts augmented. So I have my implants, and I had them removed in 2017," she explained.

Rica clarified that she doesn't have anything against people who had boob jobs. It's just that she came to realization, which led to appreciate her "real body" over time.

“After how many years, I understood na hindi ko pala talaga kailangan 'to. 'Saka hindi pala ako 'to. I have nothing against those who ano ha, ‘yung mga nagpa-boob job and all. It's just that pag nire-recall ko kung ano ba talagang reason ko, hindi ko maintindihan. Hindi ko maalala bakit ko ginusto ‘yun. Ipatanggal na lang natin!" Rica said.

"And so I had it removed, and I felt so much peace after that. It felt like ito pala talaga ako and ito pala talaga yung katawan ko," she added.

Rica opened up about several other life decisions she was "not so proud of" in her vlog, including her her non-relationship with Piolo Pascual, drinking and smoking.

"I would smoke two packs of Marlboro reds before every day," Rica shared. "Naubos ko 'yun. I would have a lit cigarette in my mouth before I would open my eyes."

Rica, nevertheless, was happy how she was able to turn her life around, especially after becoming a Christian.

"I'm glad that I found God and that he had been, all this time, trying to pursue me," the actress said.

Rica Peralejo is currently married to pastor Joseph Bonifacio. The two just celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary last January 30. — Margaret Claire Layug/LA, GMA News