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'Lolong' teaser introduces its 'highest paid actor,' the crocodile 'Dakila'

GMA-7's upcoming adventure series, "Lolong," just dropped its first teaser!

A 30-second video released on Monday showed a glimpse of the huge crocodile "Dakila."

In the teaser, Dakila's eyes and scutes can be seen in detail. His whole body, meanwhile, can be seen in Nelson Canlas' report on "24 Oras."

Dakila is a 22-feet long animatronic crocodile made with fiberglass body and silicone skin.

He is said to be the "highest paid actor" of the series and needs to be manned by 14 people.

Powered by pneumatic technology and an air compressor operated by a technician, the crocodile's tail can wag and his snout can open.

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) will also be used to make the creature more realistic.

Dakila will star alongside Ruru Madrid who will play the title role. The exact premiere date of "Lolong" is yet to be announced.

—Franchesca Viernes/MGP, GMA News