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New GMA podcast 'Behind the Song' aims to share stories behind hit singles

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GMA has a new podcast. It's called “Behind the Song” and it aims to uncover stories behind hit singles. 

In an online interview with the press on Wednesday, host Thea Astley said each episode of the pod will feature a different artist with a new song.

“We’re basically asking them to tell the story behind the song,” she said. “We want them to talk about the whole process of it.”

Apart from the artists themselves, "Behind the Song" will also give the spotlight to the team behind them  — the sound engineers, the writers and producers — to share how and why they came up with their songs.

“In every episode, we have either the composer or song producer or even both ‘cause they’re just as much a part of creating the song,” Thea continue.

“We just want to tell listeners that every song has an important story behind it,” she said. “Hopefully, they learn something from that.”

Thea revealed that "Behind the Song" is not just limited to OPM. In fact, she's already interviewed a number of international artists like the K-Pop group BTOB, The Happy Fits, and mxmtoon.

“It is an honor to be talking to these people, to be interviewing them. It definitely is [nerve-wracking]. I always try to channel that nerves into excitement so hopefully, [something good will come out of it],” she said.

Hosting such a show entails quite the preparation, Thea continued. "I stream all of their songs repeatedly because I want to know what I’m talking about. How can I talk to someone about their song and music if I don’t know their songs?” she said.

"Behind the Song" will launch on Spotify on September 28 with SB19’s Pablo as guest.

New episodes will be released every Tuesday, while full video interviews will start streaming on GMA Network’s social media pages on Thursdays. — LA, GMA News

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