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Why Mikee Quintos’ music debut is more than ‘Just Enough’

Mikee Quintos is now officially a recording artist, and you can all listen to her first-ever single “Just Enough” right now on iTunes.

We’ve all loved her as the cute and bubbly actress in TV shows like “Pepito Manaloto,” “The Gift” and “The Lost Recipe,” but what a lot of people don’t know is that she’s also a natural born singer.

In a candid interview with the press on Friday, Mikee shared how her love for music actually came first before her love for acting.

It was also the first time the Kapuso star was releasing a song as “Mikee” without being tied to her well-loved TV characters.

“At one point nga, pag tinatanong ako ng mga tao, singing or acting?” she said.

“Hindi ko talaga masagot kasi for a few years in my life, acting pa ’yung kaya kong isagot so feeling ko it’s time naman na mag-focus naman po ako sa singing kahit pa paano.”

Fortunately, Mikee eventually overcame all her “insecurities" about her musical ability, and she believes her debut came just at the right time.

“Because of everything and everything that’s happening now, ako, na-realize ko mas nakikinig ako sa happy songs para may energy akong tumayo at magtrabaho every day,” she said.

“So I just think now, kasi ’yun ’yung kailangan ng tao, ’yung magpapasaya sa kanila, ’yung magpapamotivate sa kanilang tumayo sa kama at di nalang humiga buong araw.”

“Just Enough” by Mikee Quintos is out now on iTunes.

According to the singer-actress, the feel-good bubble pop track written by Roxy Fabian is especially close to her heart and reflects exactly how she would describe being in love.

There’s also a music video coming out very soon, so be sure to check it out! – RC, GMA News