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Fans rejoice as Fidel and Klay finally reunite in 'Maria Clara at Ibarra'

The long-awaited reunion between Klay and Fidel finally happened!

On Tuesday's episode of "Maria Clara at Ibarra," Fidel freed Klay from the clutches of the guardia civil.

The two shared a lengthy and tearful embrace at the barracks and almost kissed, but the coachman Hernando interrupted their moment with a warning that they are still being pursued.

Fans of Team FiLay rejoiced online during the episode, with the official hashtag #MCIReunited landing at no. 1 on Philippine Twitter. "Sparks FILAY" also trended at no. 7 as of writing.

Fidel and Klay last saw each other at the end of "Noli Me Tangere," as Klay had to return to the real world after finishing the novel.

For Fidel, 13 years have passed since then as "El Filibusterismo" is set 13 years after Noli. For Klay, only three days have passed since she managed to return to El Fili shortly after coming home.

Meanwhile, the viewers had to wait two weeks to see Fidel and Klay back together.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News