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GMA Network is planning a 'Daimos' adaptation!

Those who grew up with "Voltes V" will also be familiar with "Daimos," another robot anime popular in the Philippines.

And now that "Voltes V" has been adapted into a live action series with "Voltes V: Legacy," it doesn't take a lot to image that "Daimos" can certainly follow.

Speaking to Paolo Contis in his online show "#JustIn," GMA Network Senior Vice President Annette Gozon-Valdes just revealed that a possible adaptation of "Daimos" is in the cards.

"We're planning on 'Daimos' sana," she said when Paolo quizzed her on the upcoming big projects of the network.

Also produced by Toei Animation, "Daimos" first aired in 1978. The story follows inhabitants of the planet Baam, who heads towards Earth in the hopes of emigrating after the destruction of their home.

A war erupts when their leader is killed and the only thing protecting the Earth from the Baam forces is the super robot Daimos. Its pilot, Richard, eventually meets and falls in love with Erika, the daughter of the late Baam leader.

Aside from "Daimos," Gozon-Valdes said GMA Network is also working on "Sang'gre," the "Lolong" sequel, and a big project for Alden Richards.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News

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