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Sunshine Dizon speaks up on network transfer issue: 'I felt like I needed to grow'

Sunshine Dizon has spoken up on the issue of her network transfer and eventual return to GMA Network.

On Monday's episode of "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda," Sunshine took the opportunity to clarify her motivations for making the decision after receiving criticism on social media.

"Some people have said a lot of hurtful things that you know, I wasn't loyal, I wasn't like this, pera-pera daw," the actress said.

According to Sunshine, she just felt like she needed to grow and experience something else at that point in her career.

"I've dedicated actually more than half of my life to my home network," she said. "This was the very, very first time that I would be allowed to work outside."

"You know when you're always in a certain box, you're always in your comfort zone, how will you be able to grow?"

Sunshine said she talked to her bosses properly and asked permission before her network transfer to ABS-CBN back in 2021.

As for why she returned to GMA, Sunshine said: "Because actually I don't have a contract with them, I'm a freelancer. I'm free to work with anyone I want to," she said.

"I'm turning 40 this year, and I actually like the feeling of that kind of freedom to actually work for anyone that I would want to work with or anyone who would like to work with me," she added.

Sunshine previously said she did not burn any bridges when she left GMA.

"I want to clarify Tito Boy, you know, when I was doing shows for the other network, I was actually being offered six soap operas here in GMA," she said.

"Sa mundo natin, kahit anong gusto mong bumalik, kung walang offer, hindi ka makakabalik."

Sunshine is making her Kapuso comeback in the upcoming mega series "Mga Lihim ni Urduja," starring Sanya Lopez, Kylie Padilla, and Gabbi Garcia.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News