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Beauty Gonzalez admits she does not watch herself on TV: ‘It’s hard’

Beauty Gonzalez finds it difficult to see herself on television.

On Friday’s “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” Beauty said she suffers from imposter syndrome where she finds it hard to believe that she’s beautiful. 

“Dati, ang taba ko tapos sinasabihan akong pumayat and kahit anong gawin ko, ‘di ako pumapayat. ‘Di nawala sa’kin yung takot so kahit anong sabihin mo sa’kin na maganda ako, ‘di ako naniniwala.”

“I don’t watch myself on TV," she continued. "I don’t watch any of my shows which is bad kasi dapat you watch para you could improve pero it’s hard. Maybe because something happened in me in the past that I don't really want to talk about.”

Beauty said it’s been pretty hard, but she is thankful for her husband who guides her all throughout.

“Because of Norman [Crisologo], I started to see slowly that I’m beautiful. He makes me feel beautiful so now, I’m slowly recovering from that,” she said. “My therapist is my husband. He’s the best.”

According to Beauty, among the things she does to keep herself grounded is to workout and spend time alone. These have been among her outlets in her healing journey.

Last year, Beauty opened up about her struggles with her body image. Then, she said “all I ever see and all I ever think of myself is fat.”

Beauty and Norman tied the knot in 2017. They have one child together named Olivia. — LA, GMA Integrated News