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Julie Anne San Jose after 'Maria Clara at Ibarra' finale: 'Yakap ng mahigpit'

Julie Anne San Jose made sure to tune in to the finale of "Maria Clara at Ibarra."

The Kapuso actress was tweeting along with fans, even using the designated hashtag #MCIEndingYarn.

In one of her tweets, she told viewers: "Mula sa pamilya ng Maria Clara at Ibarra, ngayon pa lang ay miss na namin kayo."

"Our moments together will forever be treasured," she added. "Yakap ng mahigpit!"




Her comment was fitting, seeing as her character, Maria Clara, was found to be thriving with Dennis Trillo's Crisostomo Ibarra — just in another life in a different universe! And when Barbie Forteza's Klay found them, she gave them a big, emotional hug.

On Facebook, Barbie couldn't help but comment about the moment.

"Thank you multiverse!!! Dasurv nila ang happy ending na 'to!!!!"



"Maria Clara at Ibarra" is based on Dr. Jose Rizal's novels "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo." It aired its finale on Friday. —JCB, GMA Integrated News