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Rocky leaves ASTRO group

Sad news for ASTRO fans! Rocky will be leaving the group.

Fantagio made the announcement, as Rocky's contract expires with the agency.

"We thank Rocky for doing his utmost for a long time as a member of ASTRO, and we will be sincerely rooting for Rocky in the future," read a portion of Fantagio's announcement, which Soompi published in full.

According to All Kpop, Rocky said in a letter, "The time promoting as ASTRO's Rocky was very precious to me."

"My members, who have been with me during those times and especially AROHAs, my biggest strengths, I thank you all sincerely," he added.

"No matter where I am, I will not forget the memories I made with the members and AROHAs and cherish them carefully."

ASTRO will continue as a five-member group and will produce solo projects as well.

According to Soompi, ASTRO members  JinJin, Cha Eun Woo, Moonbin, and Sanha all renewed their contracts while MJ will discuss his contract renewal after serving his mandatory military service in Korea.

Rocky previously made his subunit debut with Jinjin in December 2021, and they released their mini-album and music video for "Just Breath."


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