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Boy Abunda asks Liza Soberano: 'What if you fail?'

The second and final part of Boy Abunda's exclusive one-on-one interview with Liza Soberano aired on Monday with the King of Talk asking the 25-year-old celebrity the hard questions.

Reading off Liza's vlog about "embarking on a fresh new journey and taking control of my life," Boy asked Liza what he describes as "the big question."

"What if you fail?" He said.

"At least I tried," Liza began. "At least wala akong regrets pag tanda ko na hindi ko man lang sinubukan ito. 'I didn't give my all, I didn't give myself the chance to discover what it is that makes me happy, what I find fulfillment in.'"

Liza clarified that it's that she wasn't happy where she was. "I experienced some of the best things in life because of that," she explained.

"And I left it happy. I left it fulfilled. But that doesn't mean I can't want more. It doesn't mean that people can't change, and want growth and new experiences."

Liza shared she's been going to auditions in Hollywood, something that she doesn't really call tough. It's "getting casted for something that is tough, because you're competing against so many people" she explains.

"Mahirap pero gusto ko. I like challenging myself. I love na andon ako, that nobody is treating me with privilege. I like that," Liza said.

Liza is currently going through a rebrand that saw her social media wiped clean, ruffling not a few feathers, and finally straightening things out with the King of Talk with a two-party exclusive one-on-one. — LA, GMA Integrated News