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A rebooted 'Takeshi's Castle' will soon stream on Prime Video Philippines!

Don't look now but an all-new rebooted "Takeshi's Castle" will make its way to Prime Video Philippines!

As if that's not enough, Prime Video took to heart our distinct localized "Takeshi's Castle" experience and will have the reboot undergo a Filipino makeover.

As in, "the entire script will be creatively refurbished, adding elements that are locally nuanced to ensure that it resonates deeply with Filipino audiences," the statement read.

Much like the old show with Smokey Manaloto and Anjo Yllana playing hosts, the new "Takeshi's Castle" on Prime Video will feature three hosts, "Mariteses," the press release called them, so it can emulate the highly popular, local neighbourhood gossip culture of the Philippines.

According to the statement, "the Mariteses will meet up at a sari-sari store and the episodic edit will cut to the three hosts in between games to hear their quips on the games and contestants and inject their own comedic twist to the Japanese game show."

Saya, 'di ba?

The new "Takeshi's Castle" will have 8 episodes and will begin streaming toward the end of the year.

Any guesses who the new hosts will be?

Prime Video is available in the Philippines for only P149 a month. — LA, GMA Integrated News