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Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay’s meet-cute moment was also full of tension

Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay had a meet-cute moment with each other, but it was full of tension.

In an interview on “Surprise Guest with Pia Arcangel,” the two revealed they had a misunderstanding right off the bat.

Sofia and Allen first met in 2019, when  Allen was still a contestant on “Starstruck” and Sofia was a regular on “Sunday Pinasaya.” The contestants were guests on the noontime show.

Since it was a live show, the artists and crew had to move quickly after rehearsals to get ready.

“Pag akyat ko may bumangga sa akin. Ang harsh ng pagka bangga, talagang walang pake, dire-diretso lang po siya pababa,” Sofia said. “Sabi ko, ‘sungit naman, hindi man lang nag-sorry.’”

Allen said, “Sinabi ko, hindi ko na matandaan.”

Allen was then called by a makeup artist to prepare.

“Alam niyo po ano ang nakakatawa, personal makeup artist [ni Sofia] po pala yun,” Allen said with a laugh.

“Tapos inaayusan ako, tas minamadali na sila, parang hinahanap na sila. Sila Sofi na ang kukunan, mag-sa-start na, opening po sila nun tapos inaayusan ako ng makeup artist niya.”

Sofia was surprised to see someone else in her makeup chair. She thought, “Hindi pa nga ako tapos mag-ayos. Mag-la-live na ako. Sino ba yang nagpapaayos na lalaki?”

Allen recalled that Sofia was standing next to him and staring. This is because Sofia recalled Allen’s final “Starstruck” audition where he played basketball.

Sofia even took a picture of Allen while trying not to be seen. “Pagtingin ko sa picture, ay nakatingin na siya.”

She said, “Tapos after po nun, ayaw ko na po maging rude [kaya sinabi ko], ‘uy tayo ka na diyan. Ako na mag-aayos.”

Sofia asked her makeup artist why Allen was in her chair, but she was told, “bigla na lang daw umupo.”

But Allen insists that he was called. “Bakit naman ako papasok sa room ng mga girls.”

Following that, Allen slid into Sofia’s Instagram DMs. He started the conversation with emojis, including peace symbols and blushing smileys.

“Bati na tayo, sorry na, parang ganun,” he said. And the rest is history.

Sofia and Allen are currently starring in the GMA Public Affairs digital series, “In My Dreams.” — LA, GMA Integrated News