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Angel Guardian stars in music video for Mayonnaise song 'Buang'

Angel Guardian just starred in the music video for Mayonnaise's new song, "Buang."

In one long take, the Sparkle actress frolicked around an empty house while wearing a pink dress.

Halfway through the MV, the scene transitions when Angel steps behind a curtain and comes out of the other side.

This time, Angel is now wearing a red dress and the bright lighting changes into a dimmer bluish glow. Her hair is also styled differently: from a pony tail, she is now wearing it down.

The video ends as it began: Angel returns to her position lying on the couch.

Mayonnaise is an OPM rock band popular for their 2004 song "Jopay," which became viral earlier this year after TikTok user Kosang Marlon posted a sintunado version.

The band is composed of Monty Macalino, Shan Regalado, Carlo Servano, Nikki Tirona, and Keano Swing.

Meanwhile, Angel previously starred in "Running Man Philippines," where she was hailed as the first-ever Ultimate Runner.

Angel also starred in "Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters," "Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kuwento," and "Heartful Cafe."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News