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Lady Gaga wears Pinoy-made outfit in 'Marry the Night' cover art

Lady Gaga sparks Pinoy pride anew as she wears a Filipino-made outfit on the cover art of her latest single "Marry the Night." The American singer-songwriter, known for her elaborate costumes, posted a photo of the album cover on Tuesday, featuring her in a leather body armor outfit by Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro and Filipino artist Leeroy New.
The same cover art was posted on the website of fashion director and editor Nicola Formichetti, who often collaborates with Lady Gaga. On his blog, Formichetti credited Tesoro and New for the outfit, noting that it was done in collaboration with his in-house atelier. The body armor Lady Gaga wore on the cover is similar to an outfit first showcased in the 2010 Philippine Fashion Week, where Tesoro and New also collaborated. The outfit is also similar to New's "muscle dresses," which he showcased at an exhibit in Singapore. GMA News Online tried to reach both Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New for their comments. Tesoro was not available as of posting time, while Leeroy New told GMA News Online that his lawyer recommended that he refuse to grant interviews as of now. 'Marry the Night' Lady Gaga posted the photo on Twitter after fans requested for a sneak peek of the video for "Marry the Night," her latest single off her third album "Born This Way." "Do you want the MARRY THE NIGHT SINGLE COVER TONIGHT?" Lady Gaga asked her fans on her Twitter account. "If monsters make MARRY THE NIGHT SINGLE COVER the number one trending topic I will release it tonight. Early," she said in another tweet. Later on Tuesday, she posted a link to the cover art, saying "New York is Not Just a Tan that You'll Never Lose." The "Marry the Night" video was shot in the singer's hometown New York, MTV reported in an article. The photo did not disappoint Lady Gaga fans. "I loved the Marry The Night single cover. Stunning!" said Twitter user @babyiwasbtw. "It's spectacular, it's awesome... I love it," said Niko Ata Tkd on Lady Gaga's official Facebook page. Meanwhile, Pinoys on Twitter were more excited about the fact that Lady Gaga was wearing something Pinoy-made. "Congratulations Kermit Tesoro!! Lady Gaga wearing Kermit Tesoro for marry the night single cover! So proud of you," said @xtinasuperstar. Model Divine Lee (@divinemlee) tweeted, "WOOHOOO! LADY GAGA WEARING KERMIT TESORO for her single cover MARRY THE NIGHT!" Not credited? However, a small dispute ensued on Twitter when some tweeps pointed out that only Tesoro was getting credit for the collaboration. "I am happy and proud for Kermit Tesoro! But I believe that Leeroy New should also be given due credits," said @iamRJG. "That was Leeroy New's work solely. The 2010 collection had 2 artists working on different pieces. These were Leeroy's works in that collection," @alyxayna said. Divine Lee, who personally knows Tesoro, quickly clarified the dispute and pointed out that Formichetti credited both Pinoys in his blog. "Just spoke to Kermit, LEEROY and him are texting- ok sila. Wag naman natin pag-awayin yung dalawa. It's clear that both of them are CREDITED," Lee said on her Twitter account. "Don't be too quick to judge. They are both very talented and they don't need to steal credits from one another :) Happy tayo dapat d ba? they make us proud!" she said in another tweet. Lee clarified the issue further in a blog entry, where she wrote, "We should all be proud. Big accomplishment for pinoys eto! ako nga ang super happy. As for the LEEROY and KERMIT COLLABRATION. Yes, wala naman nagdedeny they worked on it together, d ba? Maybe if there’s any mistake puro Kermit yung na tweet. When indeed it should be both of them. I guess, kasi people know Kermit more as a designer than Leeroy as an artist. But syempre both dapat." "They are both Pinoys and we should all be proud," Lee said. Both Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New have not released any statements on their websites and social media accounts regarding the issue. — with Lian Buan/RSJ, GMA News Cover art photo from Lady Gaga's official Twitter account
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