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GIVE ME FIVE: Wyn Marquez greatest fears

She wowed us with her dance moves in Party Pilipinas and Sunday All Stars, and now Wyn Marquez will showcase her versatility as she stars as Maika Benitez in the suspenserye Dormitoryo. Get to know more about this young actress as she dishes out her "GIVE ME FIVE." GIVE ME FIVE of your favorite movies. "OTJ [On The Job], If Only, Serendipity, Crazy Stupid Love, The Vow." GIVE ME FIVE actors and actresses that you want to work with. "Marian Rivera, Rocco Nacino, Joey Marquez, Alma Moreno, and Vilma Santos." GIVE ME FIVE reasons why people should watch Dormitoryo. "It's scary, it's a thriller, it's a suspense, it's full of secrets, and kailangan nila akong abangan (laughs)! It's a different role." GIVE ME FIVE secrets that people do not know about you. "Matatakutin ako. I laugh even though when I'm sad. Ano pa ba? I sing (laughs). I'm into extreme sports. And then last is, I'm very shy sometimes kapag hindi ko kilala 'yung tao, I don't even speak." GIVE ME FIVE ways to win your heart. "Chocolates, love letters, text to update you, hindi mahiyain, pogi!" GIVE ME FIVE of your greatest fears. "Multo, falling from a high place, big spiders, my mom, and my dad." GIVE ME FIVE people you want to share a dormitory with you. "Si Rocco [Nacino], si Mayton [Eugenio], si Enzo [Pineda], my best friend Bianca, and Frencheska [Farr]." Catch Wyn Marquez on Dormitoryo, every Sunday afternoon after Sunday All Stars. Know more about your favorite Kapuso stars by visiting -- Michelle Caligan/Bochic Estrada,