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Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano announce engagement

Actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano ended speculation on their supposed engagement by finally announcing that they are getting married.
The announcement was made on Sunday, Feb. 1, in an entertainment talk show.
"It's been what, seven-and-a-half years, right? You know, she's been such a great part of my life, the best blessing I've ever received... We're engaged," Paul said in an interview.
Toni and Paul have been together for almost eight years, prompting 
According to reports, the proposal happened on Jan. 21, a day after Toni's 31st birthday, in front of her mother, father, and sister Alex at their family home in Rizal.
Meanwhile, Toni clarified that she is not pregnant and neither did she have a fight with her parents regarding the matter.
The couple is set to tie the knot this year.
Friends have already expressed joy for the newly-engaged couple, including the recently-wedded Bianca Gonzales-Intal.
In an Instagram post, Bianca congratulated the coupls and said she is excited over the upcoming wedding. She also welcomed her fellow actress and friend to 'The Misis Club.'
She added in a tweet, "So HAPPY you can finally scream about your love. I'm in TEARS."

Toni's sister Alex also shared a photo of the couple moments after the engagement. According to the actress, although sad that she would have to "share" her sister with someone else now, "I can never think of anyone more deserving and suitable for my sister."

— Bianca Rose Dabu/JDS, GMA News