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PEP: Jennylyn reveals reason behind breakup with Dennis in a tell-all interview with YES!

When news broke out last March 25 that Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo had called it quits, issues such as the immaturity of Jen and the jealous streak of Dennis surfaced. But both Jennylyn and Dennis shied away from the media, leaving the public to wonder what was behind the abrupt breakup of their nearly one-year relationship. This June, Jen finally breaks her silence in a 25-page tell-all interview with YES! magazine. Jennylyn tells YES! about how she and Dennis became an item, explaining how she initially had doubts about entering into a relationship with him but that she fell in love with him just the same. "When we started, parang hindi ako gano'n ka-confident sa kanya...parang may doubt, kasi nga yung image niya na nagpapalit ng babae... parang natatakot ako kasi 'yon 'yong image na nabuo sa isip ko," she says. But she says Dennis was persistent about wooing her. The two shared a love for biking, found themselves getting to know each other in Bacolod, grew closer while taping GMA-7's afternoon series Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak, and eventually got together after a Holy Week trip to Hong Kong. "Talagang maganda po yung takbo ng relationship," Jen says, saying Dennis was very attentive and caring when she was sick, and that the presence of Patrick Garcia, the actor she had a lovechild with, was never an issue with Dennis. But on the night of March 5, or a little over a month from their first anniversary, the couple broke up. Jennylyn tells YES! the story of what happened that fateful night—how a small, petty fight escalated to a full-blown screaming match punctuated with curses and hurtful words. "Sa sobrang gulat ko doon sa mga sinabi niya sa 'kin, umakyat talaga 'yong dugo ko sa ulo. Talagang nag-init 'yong ulo ko. Talagang nasampal ko siya," Jennylyn admits. But this was nothing to how Dennis retaliated, Jennylyn says, as demonstrates how Dennis allegedly kept her on a headlock while dragging her across his living room. "Dala-dala niya po ako... papunta doon sa may sliding glass door niya... 'Tapos, hinagis niya po ako pababa. Patapon po, e. Kaya bumagsak po ako. Nalaglag po ako sa sahig. Medyo masama 'yong bagsak ko, kasi parang balakang 'yong bumagsak," she recounts. Until now, Jen admits that she hasn't recovered from the hurtful words Dennis hurled at her. "Hindi maganda 'yong mga sinabi niya sa akin. Sobrang minaliit niya ako, para akong walang kwenta, winasak niya pagkatao ko," she says. The tell-all interview also includes accounts of Jennylyn's childhood, when not quite four years old, she was physically beaten by her mother's partner. Photographs of Jen taken during this period are published to prove her story. In the interview, Jen also goes back to her high school romances and her past relationship with Mark Herras and with Patrick. The June issue of YES! also features a farewell tribute to AJ Perez, photos of the wedding of Rachel Alejandro to a Spanish national, and a look at the bedroom of Andi Eigenmann. - Ingrid Villafuerte, PEP