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Filipino singer Jej Vinson gets a four-chair turn in 'The Voice' blind auditions

Jej Vinson, a Filipino based in Los Angeles, California, got a four-chair turn in "The Voice" blind auditions.

He performed Drake's "Passionfruit" which left four judges — Adam Levine, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton — in awe of his talent.

John had nothing but praises on how he played and soared with the notes.

"That was like a wild inspired song choice," John began, "Drake is kind of like monotone normally and I was worried that you would stay in that little zone but then you soared. You showed us these really precise beautiful runs like you knew, the not you wanted and just picked it out in the air. You hit every single one with precision and beauty and excitement you've got the whole crowd going." 

Meanwhile, Maroon 5 star Adam said he would love to coach him to show how to put more heart and connection to his audience.

"Maybe the one thing you'll need to make sure you don't do, is be too perfect. There's something that is so almost like surgical about how perfectly placed about how all those runs what I would wanna do as your coach If were to be so lucky is to make sure we can get to  place where people can feel you as well as they can hear you that to me is the number one thing moving  forward making sure you can navigate to the competition and keep everybody connected to your heart," Adam told Jej.

Meanwhile, Blake said he predicts Vinson to be the winner of the competition this season.

"You know I think everybody here is probably a little bit nervous talking to you right now. We all feel like we're looking at the winner of The Voice this season."

'American Idol alum Kelly was the last to say her piece, reassuring him she can help him win the show. 

"I can win this show with you, you're incredible man. I turned around and I was like what like and it was like so effortless, when he was sayin' 'oh man your runs are almost surgical' but they are not they've got finesse."

Jej chose Kelly to be her coach. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News