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Kingdom lead star Ju Ji-hoon says Season 2 will be 'gruesome'

Kingdom lead star Ju Ji-hoon, who plays as the crown prince Lee Chang, warned fans that Season 2 of the Netflix original series will be "gruesome."

In a mini video released by Netflix, actors, directors and the writer gave the fans teasers on what they can expect to see in the next season.

Even Korean actor Ryu Seung-ryong, who plays the frightening antagonist Cho Hak-ju, said he was "surprised" and got "caught off guard" when he read the scenario.

Meanwhile, series writer Kim Eun-hee said she wanted to tell the story on what choices people make according to social class when an unexpected plague or outbreak happens.

"How will they overcome the hardship? That's what I really wanted to portray in this season," she said.

Director Park In-Jae said Chang's journey "to become a true king who cares for his people will be clearly illustrated in Season 2."

"It'll be interesting to find out what decisions Chang makes," he added.

Director Kim Seong-hun said he will launch season 2 with an epic action scene in “an unexpected, tsunami-like onslaught of the undead.”

While, Season 1 had hunger, in Season 2 blood will spill.

"Kingdom" Season 2 will premiere all of its episodes on Netflix on March 13. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News