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Filipina-Argentinian Chantal Videla prepares for debut as K-pop idol

Looks like a Filipina is soon to join the ranks of K-pop artists taking over the world.

Chantal Videla, 19, is currently a trainee under MLD Entertainment, which has been teasing the debut of a new girl group after MOMOLAND.

While there’s no official announcement yet, MLD Entertainment Audition’s Instagram has been filled with Chantal’s photos and videos since her launch as Chanty in November 2021.

On her first photo, Chantal introduced herself in Korean, shared her favorite quote, and drew her dog.

It can also be noticed that she’s always joined by “Girls Planet 999” contestant Nonaka Shana, who was confirmed in December to debut as a girl group member.

No further details have been revealed yet, but Chantal’s been appearing and showing her talent through MLD Entertainment’s videos on YouTube.

Recently, she did a cover of Jodi Benson’s “Part of Your World.” She and Shana also showed their vocal prowess as a duo through Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.”

She also starred on JT&Marcus’ digital single “Dear You,” showing both her singing and acting prowess.

While waiting for the reveal, Chantal’s photos have been showered with comments from Pinoy fans waiting for her debut. In any case, we’ll also be looking forward to more of her appearances.

Chantal was born to a Filipina mother and an Argentinian father. She was an actress in the Philippines. – Franchesca Viernes/RC, GMA News