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Kevin Kwan on Ke Huy Quan's Oscar win: 'I am so grateful Crazy Rich Asians played a small role in your return'

"Crazy Rich Asian" author Kevin Kwan is among those who celebrated the Oscar win of "Everything Everywhere All At Once" actor Ke Huy Quan!

On Tuesday, Kevin posted a photo of Ke, along with a lengthy caption of a heartfelt appreciation.

According to the America-based Singaporean novelist, when he first moved to Texas when he was 11, he got bullied in school, with some of the kids referring to him as "Short Round."

"I had no idea they were referring to Ke's character in Indiana Jones, I just thought it was because I was short AND round," Kevin wrote.

"Of course it was because I looked so much like him at that age, with the same haircut and cheeky grin," he added.

Three decades later, Kevin found himself watching "Everything Everywhere All At Once," and was "completely transfixed by Ke's performance."

"I was thinking, 'where has this amazing actor been all these years?'" he said.

Kevin also expressed his surprise to know "Crazy Rich Asians" inspired Ke to get back into acting.

"Life has a strange way of coming full circle," Kevin said. "Ke, congratulations on your much-deserved Oscar win."

"I am so grateful that my book and film played a small role in your return to the big screen," he added.

Ke took home the Best Supporting Actor Award at Oscars 2023, where he delivered an emotional acceptance speech dedicated to his mom. — Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News