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Jordan Clarkson helps restore Pinoy food truck after being vandalized with anti-Asian hate messages

Filipino-American NBA player Jordan Clarkson is not just a reliable sixth man for his team Utah Jazz, but also for his fellow Filipinos in the United States.

On Thursday, Clarkson posted on his social media account a photo of a World Famous Yum Yum food truck vandalized with Anti-Asian messages. The said food truck serves Filipino and Asian food.

"It hurt me deeply to see that Salt Lake’s @yumyumasian food truck was recently vandalized – I know the pain that hateful language and racism causes," Clarkson said in a tweet.



Clarkson said he will help out in restoring the said food truck.

He also stood with Utah's Filipino community and denounced Anti-Asian hate.

"I stand in solidarity with Utah’s Filipino community – love is more powerful than hate!" he said.

The food truck owners thanked Clarkson for his help, and is now back in business.

They also celebrated Philippine Independence Day on Saturday (US time).

—Justin Kenneth Carandang/JMB, GMA News