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Michael Jordan sends autograph, souvenirs to viral Pinoy artist who created artwork of his iconic 'Last Shot'

A Filipino artist who went viral for creating an artwork of Michael Jordan's iconic "Last Shot" in the 1998 NBA Finals just scored a big victory just like his idol!

According to Oscar Oida's report on "24 Oras," Christian Oliver Talampas, a pen and charcoal artist, posted a TikTok video in July 2021 asking netizens to help his artwork reach His Airness.

The internet granted his wish when Bryan Apodaca, a collector from America, saw the piece and coordinated with Jordan's camp on his behalf.

"Hiningi ni Michael Jordan 'yung original artwork ko dahil nagustuhan," Christian said. "Agad-agad sir pinadala ko agad talaga."

["Michael Jordan asked for my original artwork because he liked it. I sent it at once."]

The artwork, which took 72 days to finish, returned to him with a precious autograph from the basketball legend. A photo of Jordan signing the piece was also sent to him. 

Aside from the autograph, Christian also received a shirt and playing cards that MJ himself used.

"Ang hirap paniwalaan. Ang ine-expect ko nga, gusto ko sana picture man lang na hawak niya pero sobra-sobra 'yung binigay niya," he said. "Sabi nila makakatulong daw 'to sa career ko as an artist."

["It's hard to believe. I was expecting just a picture of him holding [the piece] but he gave me so much more. They said this will help my career as an artist."]

Collectors said MJ's autograph raises the value of items such as shoes, but for Christian, just the validation of being noticed by his hoops hero was enough.

"'Wag kayong mawawalan ng pag-asa na magtiwala sa sarili n'yo, na maniwala kahit wala nang naniniwala sa 'yo," he said.

["Don't lose hope to believe in yourself, to believe even when no one else believes in you."]

Shoot your shot, indeed!

—MGP, GMA News