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Michael Martinez opens up on his struggles in figure skating

It's not all fun and games for Olympian Michael Martinez when he steps into the ice.

In an interview with Dr. Anna Tuazon of "Share Ko Lang," Michael admitted that he experienced struggles in his skating career, just like any other athlete.

"I had a lot of injuries talaga and still now I have to deal with it," the Olympian said, citing injuries he had in his back, ankles, and spine.

Michael said his injuries had a huge effect on him, and not just physically.

"It's very personal, this sport, and to not be able to skate, it just hurts a lot," Michael said in a mix of English and Filipino.

"At the same time, while being off, I was doing my best to recover as fast as I could," the Olympian added, saying he exercised and watched figure skating videos while waiting for his body to heal.

Despite the injuries he had and the body pains he experienced with his continuous training, Michael just thinks of those as part of the road to becoming a better athlete.

"They say, 'If you're not hurting, then it means you're not alive.' You have to hurt," he said. "That means you're growing. That means you're getting better. So you know, to me, I think, I like it. It's good, it's gonna be better, it's gonna be worth it at the end."

But if the pain continues, when should a person stop in pushing oneself?

"I've been pushing myself way too much but I guess there are times that my body couldn't take it anymore and I just have to message my coach and skip training," Michael said.

"You know your body, if you push too much, you're gonna injure yourself and the more you're not gonna be able to skate," he added.

Aside from the physical pain, mental strain also hit the Olympian.

"After 2018, after the Olympics, I took a break because, I guess from everyone's view, it's all rainbows and butterflies and nothing's behind it, but you know, I was dealing with a lot of things personally," Michael said.

"Just the sport itself, I've been doing it for so long and I didn't get to have a break, although other skaters get to have a break," he added. "I didn't do it and I just continued competing, training and everything. So I was being too much already and I said, 'I need to take a break.'"

Michael admitted that he still struggles sometimes, but he finds ways to cope up with the psychological aspect of the sport.

"I'm still trying my best in finding ways to help myself with that and I'm still struggling," Michael said. "But for me, I try my best to relax whether it's watching movies, watching anime."

"And you know, I wouldn't say it's easy but it's definitely still a challenge," he added.

Michael is currently training for his return to figure skating as he aims to compete in the 2021 Nebelhorn Trophy, an Olympic qualifying tournament for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

—Justin Kenneth Carandang/MGP, GMA News