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Jeremy Miado wins by TKO as Lito Adiwang suffers apparent injury

SINGAPORE - It was an anticlimactic ending for what was supposed to be an epic firefight between two Filipino strikers when Lito Adiwang suffered an apparent injury during his bout against Jeremy Miado at ONE: X on Saturday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Adiwang had an explosive start, repeatedly throwing punches and kicks. Miado looked passive, seemingly waiting for Adiwang to make a mistake coming in before throwing a hard counter.

It was a fast-paced striking contest in round two with both fighters landing their own hits. Midway through the round and without any strikes landed, Adiwang fell to the mat and screamed in pain seemingly pointing to an injury.

The incident prompted the referee to halt the contest, earning Miado a technical knockout victory to improve his record to 11-4 while Adiwang fell to 13-5.

—MGP, GMA News