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Eduard Folayang to train at old Team Lakay gym, says teammates decided on their own to leave

Former ONE lightweight world champion Eduard Folayang will be training at the old Team Lakay gym in La Trinidad after he parted ways with Team Lakay.

Folayang, touted as the face of Philippine mixed martial arts, rocked the country's MMA landscape to its core when he announced his departure from his team of 16 years.

He said he will seek help from others to help him work on his weaknesses including grappling.

"We have an old gym that used to be under the name of Team Lakay that became my share for separating with the team," the 39-year-old Folayang said in an interview with Sparring Sessions.

"For now that would be my place to train at. Regarding my training program, I already know myself. I just need the right people to help sharpen my skills including my area of weakness like ground game."

Shortly after Folayang's exit from Team Lakay, former ONE bantamweight world champion Kevin Belingon and former ONE featherweight world champion Honorio Banario also announced that they had left the team.

Furthermore, GMA News Online learned that ex-ONE strawweight world champion Joshua Pacio has also left though he is yet to announce it himself.

According to Folayang, the ex-Team Lakay members left on their own.

"They made their own decisions. Perhaps they weighed what would be the consequences of their action. If we can help each other grow and still train together, then we can utilize our time together," Folayang said.

"They have their own careers and decisions to make. Whatever their decision, it was not me dictating to them. They are mature enough to make decisions for themselves. They would not be champions if they cannot decide for themselves."

—MGP, GMA Integrated News