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Skulls, skeleton parts unearthed at DOJ compound

MANILA, Philippines - Construction workers doing excavation activities inside the Department of Justice office in Manila on Wednesday unearthed human skeleton parts, including two skulls, believed to be buried more than 25 years ago. The skeletal remains were dug up some 10 feet under the now-leveled bungalow-style structure at the back of the DOJ main building on Padre Faura Street. According to Edgardo Jalata, DOJ administrative aide, excavation activities in the area have been ongoing since last month to pave the way for the construction of a new three-story edifice that would house the offices of the department’s prosecutors. Jalata said the surprised workers dug up a skull first. When they dug further, they unearthed another skull, jaw bones, and long skeletal parts believed to be the forearms and legs. Jalata said the bodies could have been buried during or even before the Martial Law period. - GMANews.TV