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UST declared a national historical landmark

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines has declared on the University of Santo Tomas campus a National Historical Landmark through Resolution No. 5. S. 2011 dated May 24, in accordance with Republic ACT (RA) 10086. RA 10086 aims to strengthen nationalism among the Filipinos through a heightened awareness of the country’s history, and that a “national historical landmark is a place or structure that has contributed greatly to the nation’s history."
University of Santo Tomas Main Building facing España Boulevard in Manila. UST file photo
In a statement last Friday, the UST said the institution "has been a witness to many significant episodes in the growth of the Filipino nation, and counts among its alumni saints, martyrs, presidents, heroes and pioneering professionals in various fields of specialization." In 2010, the National Museum honored as “national cultural treasures" four structures in the UST campus due to their exceptional historical value, namely: the Main Building, Central Seminary, Arch of the Centuries, and Grandstand with Open Spaces. According the UST statement, the National Historical Commission strives to attain its vision of “a Filipino society with citizens informed of their history, who love their country and are proud of their cultural heritage." It is responsible for conserving and preserving the country’s national legacies, and has among its major thrusts programs for historical studies, curatorial works, architectural conservation, restoration and preservation of relics and memorabilia of heroes, and others, the statement said. — LBG, GMA News