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Transgender Jeffrey Laude: Badly bruised, wounded, drowned

The Filipino transgender woman, who was allegedly killed by a US Marine on Saturday, suffered bruises and abrasions before drowning to death, an autopsy report completed on Wednesday showed.
Jeffrey Laude, also known as Jennifer, was found dead inside the bathroom of a motel in Olongapo City on Saturday night.

Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, a participant in a recently concluded joint military exercise between Filipino and US forces, was charged with murder before the city prosecutor's office in connection with the killing on Wednesday afternoon.

Evidence submitted to the prosecutor indicated that there was force and intention to kill Laude by drowning the victim in the toilet bowl.

In the case filed by Laude's sister, her lawyer said there was enough basis for Pemberton to be charged with murder since evidence indicated he used force and intended to kill the victim. 

"This is brutality," Laude's fiance Marc Sueselbeck described what befell the victim. Jessica Soho interviewed Sueselbeck by phone on GMA News TV's State of the Nation on Wednesday night.
According to the medical findings, most of Laude's injuries were in the head and neck regions. The victim suffered from hematoma in the scalp, eye, cheek, and mouth regions as well as the upper inner oprtions of the larynx. 
The report also noted contusions in Laude's body specifically in the cheek region, right palm and lower lip. Pressure marks were also observed in the upper chest and clavicle regions. 
Laude also obtained abrasions around the mouth as well as in the lumbar and lumbar regions and the left forearm. 

The medical report also noted that Laude had healed surgical incisions in lower part of the right and left mammary regions for the application of breast implants. —NB, GMA News