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Timeline of Resorts World Manila attack, according to official security report

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Authorities on Saturday presented the official security report and CCTV camera footage of the Resorts World Manila (RWM) attack that left 38 people dead.

Internal investigation of the Resorts World Manila security showed that the still unidentified attacker alighted from a taxi at 12:07 a.m. at the RWM's drop off area.

The man then used an elevator going up to the second floor with two other women. He was wearing plain clothes and carried a backpack. He had no visible firearms.

At the second floor parking area, the attacker put on a mask and vest, and took out his rifle.

Based on a CCTV camera footage, the attacker then walked casually and bypassed the metal detector at the inspection area entering the mall's second floor. A security person attempted to stop him, but the attacker brandished his rifle and overpowered him.

After firing a few warning shots, which prompted an evacuation and a call for police back up, the gunman began torching tables, slot machines, and the carpet in different areas of the casino.

The attacker was carrying a bottle of either kerosine or gasoline, police said.

He then went straight to the cages housing the chips, firing and kicking at the doors before stealing millions of pesos worth of chips.

At 1:10 a.m., the gunman was seen in a CCTV footage at the basement area where the first exchange of fire occurred. He was wounded and retreated up to the stairwell, where he dropped his bag.

Police said a member of RWM's security team shot and wounded the attacker.

At 1:46 am, the assailant made his way to the 5th floor, where he forcibly entered a room. He went out once to burn linen along the hallway.

He reentered the room, which he set on fire, and where he was later found with a fatal gunshot wound in the mouth.

'Acting normally'

During the same press conference held on Saturday, Metro Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde noted that the gunman was acting normally during the attack.

"If you'll notice he was just walking normally," he said.

He added that despite the seemingly familiar way the attacker navigated the casino, it was the attacker's first visit there.

"All he knows is the stairwell...alam niya where the money is stored," Albayalde said.

"Hindi siya frequent visitor. So far yung sinasabi nila it's his first time being there," he added.

The taxi driver who drove the gunman to Resorts World Manila didn't notice anything strange either, Albayalde said.

He said that according to the taxi driver, he spoke straight Tagalog. The driver also said that the attacker asked him to switch the cab's radio to a news program. —ALG, GMA News

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