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Bandits draw Duterte’s ire over beheading of Vietnamese hostages

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday was visibly upset over the Abu Sayyaf Group's beheading of two Vietnamese hostages in Basilan.

Duterte even tried to show photos of the victims at the 64th Araw ng Hagonoy on Davao del Sur.

“Nakita ba mo sa ilang bag-o na gi-behead? Nasa kuan, iyong dalawang Vietnamese na nakuha nila three months ago? Giputlan ug liog [Did you see the new victims they beheaded? The two Vietnamese that they abducted three months ago? They cut off their necks]," Duterte said.

“Mag-eksplikar na pud ta ani sa Vietnamese… Dito tayo magpaalipin? Ay p— ina. Magtinuliay ta ug usab ani [We will explain this again to the Vietnamese… You want to be enslaved by these? Ay son of a b—. Let’s just circumcise ourselves again]," he added.

He even recalled the time he allowed Vietnamese fishermen arrested for poaching in Philippine waters to go back to their country without charges.

“Ingon nila, salamat, pero naa tay bag-ong problema. Kani na pud. Ang duha naputlan jud ug ulo [They thanked us, but we have a new problem now. This one. The two were really beheaded]," Duterte said.

“Kanang mga in-ana, what are you really trying to prove? Muo nay naa kay Ginoo? You take the name of Allah in vain? Gamiton nimo ang pangalan sa Ginoo nga mupatay ka ug tao ug in-ana [What are you really trying to prove with these actions? And they say they have a God? You take the name of Allah in vain? You use the name of God to kill people that way]?" he added.

Duterte said that the terrorists should not underestimate him.

“Kan-on pa nako imong atay kung gusto ka. Tagai ko ug asin ug suka, diba kilawon ko na sa imong atubangan [I will eat your liver if you want. Give me salt and vinegar, and I will it raw in front of you]," Duterte said. —NB, GMA News