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PNPA alumni association: No 'tradition' of hurting fellow cadets at Academy

The Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association Incorporated (PNPAAAI) said Tuesday the recent mauling incident has no place in the Academy and expressed support to the ongoing investigations against the cadets involved.

"In light of the recent incident involving cadets and new graduates of PNPA, the Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association Incorporated (PNPAAAI) condemn the act of violence. Such act has no place in the Academy more so in a civilized society," PNPAAAI board of trustees president Chief Superintendent William Macavinta said in a statement.

"There is no tradition of hurting fellow cadets or any person for that matter. What happened was an isolated case and we do not condone such demeanor. We fully support the ongoing investigation and if evidence warrants, they should be held accountable for nobody is above the law," he added.

Six PNPA graduates were beaten-up by their underclassmen right after the graduation rites attended by President Rodrigo Duterte on March 21. The incident occurred between 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. when the upperclassmen were returning to their barracks.

The underclassmen used rattan sticks and rocks when they mauled the newly-commissioned officers.

In a police report from Silang Municipal Police Station, the victims were identified as Police Inspectors Ylam Lambenecio, Arjay Divino, Mark Kevin Villares, Floyd Traqueña, Jan Paul Magmoyao and Jail Inspector Arjay Marcaida Cuasay.

The nine cadets who mauled their upperclassmen have been identified as Cadet 2nd Class Donald Ramirez Kissing, Cadet 2nd Class Delos Santos, Cadet 2nd Class Jem Camcam Peralta, Cadet 2nd Class Clint John Baguidodol, Cadet 2nd Class Christopher De Guzman Macalalad; Cadet 2nd Class Loreto Aquino Tuliao Jr., Cadet 2nd Class Calamba, Cadet 2nd Class Coplat and Cadet 2nd Class Amanon.

Lambenecio and Divino have filed complaints of serious physical injury and submitted their sworn affidavit against the nine cadets.

The four remaining graduates have also executed their respective affidavits, but have said they will not pursue legal action against the cadets.

At least 41 "cadets of interest" on the mauling incident are being investigated while a pre-charge investigation will also be filed against 20 cadets of the PNPA Class 2019.

Based on the PNPA's initial investigation, PNPA director Chief Superintendent Joseph Adnol said that the underclassmen may have wanted to "get even" with the upperclassmen.

"Ang lumalabas itong mga upperclass na ito sila yung mga strict in the implementation ng mga policies and of course sila yung laging namumuno don if there are violations," he said. —ALG, GMA News

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