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Air, ship fares now covered as Duterte signs law on 20% discount for students

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law imposing a 20 percent student fare discount on various modes of public transport.

Duterte signed Republic Act 11314 on April 17, a copy of which was released on Monday.

The law provides for a 20-percent student discount for regular domestic fares of all kinds of public transportation utilities such as public utility buses, public utility jeepneys, taxis and other similar vehicles-for-hire, tricycles, passenger trains, aircraft and marine vessels for the entire time that they are enrolled.

Previously, the student discount only covered land public transportation vehicles.

To avail the discount, the student should be able to present a duly-issued and validated identification card or current validated enrollment form supported by proof of identity.

In case of air public transportation facilities, the discount will only apply to the base fare or the price of the ticket before taxes and costs for ancillary services.

The measure defines a student as a Filipino citizen who is currently enrolled in any elementary, secondary, technical and vocational, or higher education institution.

Excluded from coverage of the discount privilege are individuals enrolled in dancing or driving schools, short-term courses of seminar type and post-graduate studies such as those taking up medicine, law, masters and doctorate degrees.

The measure also provides that the qualified student cannot avail double discounts, meaning the student cannot avail the 20 percent student fare discount and the promotional fare imposed by private entities which operate public transportation such as airlines, shipping lines, among others, at the same time or in combination with other discount programs or incentives. —NB, GMA News