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DOH discourages spraying, misting disinfectants vs. COVID-19

The Department of Health (DOH) on Friday discouraged the public against spraying or misting as a disinfection procedure against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

"DOH does not recommend spraying or misting. There is no evidence to support that spraying of surfaces or large scale misting of areas, indoor or outdoor with disinfecting agents, kills the virus," the DOH said.

Some local government units have been disinfecting roads and establishments through spraying and misting in their respective jurisdictions.

The DOH advised the public to instead soak objects or disinfect surfaces to kill the virus.

"Everyone should not spray or mist disinfectants at this time. Soak objects completely or disinfect surfaces directly to kill the virus," it said.

The DOH further said that spraying or misting posed additional health concerns.

It pointed out that spraying may cause pathogens to be dispersed; cause skin irritation and the inhalation of chemicals, leading to respiratory side effects; and may cause environmental pollution. -NB, GMA News

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