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I love LGBTQ but same-sex marriage against natural law —Atienza

Buhay Party-list Representative and vice presidential aspirant Lito Atienza on Monday said he was not in favor of same-sex marriage as it is against the Constitution.

In an episode of The Mangahas Interviews Special Election Series, Atienza stressed that while he is against same-sex marriage, he still "loves" and "respects" the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community.

"Wala akong problema sa LGBTQ community. I respect them. I love them, in fact," Atienza said.

"But if you're talking about accepting same-sex marriage, I'm against it because that is not again allowed by the Constitution," he added.

Atienza said the definition of a family was "very clear" in the Constitution.

"Hindi naman sinabi na a male and a male can get married or female to female," Atienza said.

"'Yong kaligayan nino man, I would respect that. I will always respect the right of anyone to be happy in life, but I will not allow a law to be passed—if I have control of the lawmaking process—to be passed," he added.

Atienza said he'd been fighting same-sex marriage in Congress because it was "not in accordance with natural law."

"The natural law dictates that to bear a child, you have to have a male and a female. Marriage is rooted in creation of  a family," Atienza said.

"How do you create children kung male to male at female to female? Ibang usapan 'yon," he added.

Atienza said he was willing to suffer the consequences of his decision.

"Wala kong magagawa kung 'di ako boboto ng mga taliwas sa aking pinaglalaban," Atienza said.

Atienza filed his certificate of cadidacy together with his running mate Senator Manny Pacquiao.

In 2016, Pacquiao received criticisms for describing gay couples, lesbians and transgenders as "worse than animals."

He then apologized to those he hurt but stood by his belief against same-sex marriage. -NB, GMA News